Monday, February 4, 2008

Final Post

Thanks for reading this blog. It was one of my best experiences in my life to go Erasmus. I highly recommend it to anyone that has possibility to do that.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Wow, it was really a great week in Scotland. No better way to start a trip that program all night until we left :D It was about 2.00am at the Wednesday night when we leaved from Elms. First we took 3.00am bus and then 6.30am flight from Dublin to Edinburgh. We arrived to Edinburgh about 9.00am without no sleep. Sebastian's friend Antonio was waiting us in bus stop and we headed to his place, where we were staying. Antonio showed us Edinburgh city in Thursday and Friday.

Saturday we headed to Glassgow where Sebastian's friend Edu stidies. Scotland-Italy football game was in Glassgow in that day so there were a lot of italian and scotish football fans and all the bars were packed full. Glassgow is maybe not really great place for a tourist, but for a one day trip it was good. We visited Glassgow Catethral, University and some major attractions. After a day of walking we headed back to Edinburgh to rest a bit, because next day was going to be a long day.

Sunday started early. We took to a trip to highlands. Plan was to make our way up to Loch Ness and spot the Nessie :) Roads were good and driver was mad, thats about all you need to have a good road trip.

A lot was seen in one day. After darkness came, we headed back to Edinburgh. Monday we just chilled in Edinburgh doing nothing special, making some shopping ofcourse. In the evening it was time to say goodbye to Antonio and head to airport. Flight's were smooth and after we even realized we were back in Belfast, home sweet home.

Here's some more photos through the way

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Studies once in a while

First project of one of my modules was completed. It is a interactive promotion site for imaginary ski resort. Second project will something whole different.

You can view it while it's there

Now better get ready to leave to Dublin and from there to Edinburgh. Next post after Skotland road trip next week.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Last Wednesday was halloween. It is kinda big thing in UK, I really don't appreciate it so much. But anyway, maassa maan tavalla, so we had to dress up. I didn't have anything to dress few hours before the party, I was ready not to go anywhere. Sarah had an idea, that I should wear a girls cloths:S Well it wasn't so bad idea, so I loaned some clothes from Sarah. Dress, top and some make up.. :D ready to go

Party itself was really nice. Everybody had dressed and having good time. We missed fireworks that were at city center but I didn't even wanted to see it so no problem. Pictures are in facebook, I don't care upload them twice...

Life in Belfast is so normal now that I have started to want travel around UK. Me and Sebastian reserved flight tickets to Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, two weeks from now. We are staying there almoust a week, I think it's enough time to see the city. Some chance at least.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ice-hockey and so on


We went to see a local match of ice-hockey. It was Coors Belfast Giants vs Basingstoke Bisons. As most readers might know, finnish ice-hockey is "a bit" more combination of quality and teamplay. First thing I noticed was there was only 9 players sitting in the bench, so not even chains :S

Well match was what it was, Giants won 5-3, if I remember correctly :D But that wasn't the main point. Point was to see what kinda ice-hockey culture they have here. Cheerleaders and normal stuff, kinda back in Finland. Well it was nice excursion, more of these please.

And after party, ofcourse, we went to Box. Box might be the best club in Belfast, or that it seems so far. Always nice attitude and enough people to have fun, and ofcouse the best, funnies, people from Elms and from our floor. Nobody can't denide that!

Unfortunately there is some work to do also. Multimedia project is on it's way, thank god. Now we just have to finnish it, because next project is in the door already. Site under construct But no worries, still alive. I also reserved flight to Finland for christmas, so I will be spending christmas with snow, or hope so.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Derry excursion

Derry was quiet intresting city to visit. It was a early wake and we headed to bus station about 8.30 am. We founded yourselfs in Derry few hours later and managed to find some information about places to visit. Mainly we were looking for murals, that Derry is also famous about, and we managed even to be there when cuban ambassor opened one in ceremony, it was weird.. :S

Next three weeks are going to be mad. A lot of work in one multimedia course, that I have never study before. I don't really know why I choose it, but it's quiet intresting anyway. Basicly in three weeks we have to do with my friend multimedia project, in software that I have never used before :D If you are intrested you can look your project development in our webpage

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cave Hills visited

Last sunday me and some of my friends decided to visit natural park of cave hill close to city of Belfast. We took but to Belfast castle and spend some time in there to see what was the craic like in there. After that we took a 3 hour hiking route around the mountains. It was kinda misty at that time of day and we could hardly see anything there. So basicly we were wandering in the mist 3 hours. But it was worth it still.

Today also started my english course about seminar skills. It was kinda easier than I thought, just chatting with other international students and making some presentation about your culture.

I have also some friends from Finland visiting this week. Maybe arrange some party with them.. maybe. This weekends plan is to go Londonderry, city near Irelands border in north. Heard that it is one of the intresting citys, if you look at the history, of Norhern-Ireland.

Should be a good trip, as usual.